Purty Clouds...

There have been some lovely skies this week, over South London. I can't remember the last time I saw a 'Mackerel sky' , and there have been two quite impressive ones in the mornings. Unfortunately, it's very overcast now, so I don't suppose we'll see any Wolf Moon eclipse  stuff tonight.
I've just had a mug of soup and brought it back up. Damn! Had a decent exercise session, anyway; nothing strenuous, but refreshing.


No More Cast!

Had a long wait at the clinic, but the result was good. My wrist, while still very hurty when I move it along the 'crack', apparently has healed unusually well. The doctor remarked that my capacity for movement, despite my groans and grizzles, was possibly the best he'd seen, straight out of the cast. I'll be having physio, of course, and doing the exercises they advised. So, thank you, gods and saints, and all who sent good vibes. It even looks 'normal', not bendy, like the other one, that they operated on.
I was so chuffed, I even made an effort to do a shorter, gentler workout in the park, cheered on by hungry squirrels and crows. It didn't go too badly, so I'll start  slowly working up to my 'usual' over the next week or so.
Watched a documentary about Hokusai , which I'd seen before, but it was so good it was worth watching again.



Deceptive Appearances...

Quite a spectacular tale all over the papers about this guy who may be the most prolific rapist the UK has ever seen. He's thought to have had well over 90 victims...He lived very near several busy clubs in Manchester, and would go out late at night, accosting confused drunk guys 'helpfully', then drugging them in his flat and filming himself raping them. Well, at least he doesn't seem to have actually killed anyone. It's pretty incredible, though. Perhaps the weirdest thing is I can't imagine anybody ever imagining that this Reynhard Sinaga chraracter was anything other than  a cheerful little student. He's got a proper 'butter wouldn't melt 'face, no tell-tale glint in the eye or anything. Jeez Louise...You really never do know when you might  bump into some fiend.

Later continued the theme of deeply weird people by watching the first of two documentaries about the Jonestown massacre. Now Jim Jones did  have a strange and sinister aspect, but he certainly must have had some powerful charisma, too, to enslave all those people and get them to kill themselves. Brrrrr!

Once A Catholic...

Must be my early  years of non-stop religious force-feeding. but I found myself  curious to check out THE TWO POPES. I actually found it very absorbing, and even uplifting! Jonathan Pryce and Anthony Hopkins (even looked a bit like Pope Ratzo-) were excellent. I liked that there were lots of scenes of a near-empty Sistine Chapel, too...When I was there, it was a real scrum,but I was still pretty thrilled.

Stupid Waste...

Saw a discarded Christmas tree in the rubbish on 26 Dec, as well as chocolate Easter eggs in a supermarket. Pisses me right off...
Watched  A GHOST STORY on Netflix, which, despite being almost unbearably slow, became mesmerising, if you went with it; poetic, and actually rather moving. Also saw most of BERNIE, a decent tragicomedy starring Jack Black and Shirley MacClaine, about a curious murder, based on a real case.
More damn puking. I thought I was getting better. Oh well, another appointment in a few weeks.
Looks like they've cut the DOCTOR WHO budget in half. Haven't seen such lame aliens sice the early 70's.
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