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Dementia Fear...
Well, it's definite. My Euros are nowhere to be found. That's close to 100 quid fucking gone. I'm really frightened, apart from anything else. I've looked absolutely everwhere, and I'm afraid I must have thrown the envelope out with scrap paper. That would be total waste. I'd rather have given it to beggars. Combined with my complete failure to get the new printer/scanner going, I just feel desperate. Could be dementia setting in, for sure. No point in going on about it, but I'm so angry, scared and desperate.
Here's an old doodlediary page, anyway.Ditko is God

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Maybe they'll turn up or maybe they're in good hands somehow. Hope you can forgive yourself and have a good time abroad xx

Losing money sucks, but...I don't think you should take it as a sign of dementia. Everyone loses things.

I miss your doodles too - don't feel so bad re the money, we all fuck up sometimes.

Have a good break :-)

In 1981, I sustained a brain injury and was comatose for a month; I recovered—albeit slowly—and finished my B.F.A. degree a few years later.

It wasn't until a couple of years ago I heard about all the [American] football players who were suffering dementia, and a link was finally established between all those tackles (brain injuries) and their deterioration. This has me really on-edge, and I have to constantly remind myself when I notice myself misplacing things or forgetting things, that I've been this way for 34 years!

Actually, I've developed strategies and mnemonics that have helped me cope, and still I forget things! On the way home, and I was less than a block from my house, I went into a supermarket and got a loaf of bread. I clearly remember pocketing the receipt and putting the bread in my nylon bag. Well, I'm home and I can't find the bread; I have to go back to the store and get a second loaf!

I find that being on edge about forgetting things naturally makes it worse; if you have none of the factors that might trigger dementia, it's just as likely that you don't have dementia as that you do.

I set mnemonics and stuff, too. Then I forget them! I have at least two generations of demented people behnnd me, so I tend to get all worked up every time I do something idiotic like this, which I'm afraid is increasingly frequently.
Amazing story about your recovery and getting your BFA afterwards, BTW.

Well, my grandmother died a couple of years ago at 100, and she had very advanced Alzheimer's. My mother—her daughter—now has dementia at 82, and at this time has no short-term memory.

There is no hereditary base to dementia, however; whether you get it is usually based on lifestyle. I need to find out what—if anything—I can do to reduce or eliminate the symptoms. I had an MRI a couple of years ago, which proved inconclusive, so I just need to keep on top of this and do my research.

I agree absolutely with the poster below that stress worsens forgetfulness.

I can see why you'd be concerned, but absolutely anybody could chuck out an envelope. As for the scanner, why the hell should you know how to do it? We don't expect to fix our own washing machines, but when it comes to computers we're magically supposed to know how to deal with them.

It's easy to forget stuff when you're stressed. I forgot 4 items I was supposed to bring to my parents this weekend, and one of the items was painfully obvious.
Fingers crossed you'll find the money on your return when you're more relaxed, and can tuck it into your passport for next time.

As others have said we all forget things & it's also a common symptom of chronic fatigue. I have word finding issues a lot & at Xmas I got £30 out the cash machine and walked off without it!

Hope you have a good time away regardless xx

Holly shit - I forget to check on LJ for a while and everyone's all over the place!

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