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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Day Three, Art Challenge...
Three more old doodlediary pages. picked at random.
Felt rough all day, and was dreading forcing myself to go to choir, when I got an email saying tonight's rehearsal was cancelled. Yayyy, I was so relieved. Got into my jimjams and watched EASTENDERS. I've also got the first DVD of GAME OF THRONES season four, at long last, but I'm saving that.
Didn't see anyone at all with 'ashes' on their foreheads today. When I was a kid, practically everyone you passed in the street had them.
Watched one of my weird German films. STATIONS OF THE CROSS, which reminded me a bit of the kind of toxic 'Catholicism' I was raised in. It was pretty slow, though, and I passed out a few times.
Poor old Freya the whippet has died. She'd been ailing for some time. She wasn't R's dog, but she'd been walking her for 15 years or so, and she's gone into mourning. It really was a mercy, though. F was deaf, blind, and generally fubar'd. She was a sweet creature, though, always frail, and very gentle. *Sigh*

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Ohhh! I saw someone in Los Angeles today with that and thought it was some kind of trendy bindi:). That's what comes of being a third generation atheist.

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