Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

My Free Gothic Tarot reading for To-day...

Card 1

The Sun Card 2

Chance Card 3

The Star


Tarot Card Indications
The Sun Something new has entered your life! Cherish it. The newness of it is short-lived, but wonderful! It is good to see the world with childlike eyes & sometimes we need to do that to appreciate those things we take for granted. Learn from what you see and feel.
Chance Anything can happen right now! All of the omens are in place for an array of possibilities. Now is the time to go for that new job, new home, new partner. Spur of the moment decisions fair best under the influence of Chance. Take a chance, it's now or never.
The Star For every smile, there is an equal amount of tears. Hope is represented here, and is steered by the dark undercurrents in our lives. If you trust in them, joy will follow. If you pay them no homage, be prepared for sadness. Where this card is present, there is hope, even for those desires most remote.

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