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Cat Chore...
Day two of the FB 3/5 challenge. I nominate motodraconis ( if you feel inclined; it can be old stuff or new.)
Haven't worked out yet. May shirk it today. Gotta get Amazy to the vet to have her claws clipped first, anyway. She's lurking on my bed again, so serves her right.


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Ghidora's legs! >_<

Ok, I'll give it a go, but it won't be 5 consecutive days as I'm going to see the 5 hour Wagner tomorrow. (I am terrified!)

Good luck! I'll be interested to see your comments.
How about re-posting some of your GAME OF THRONES for the meme, if you can be arsed to do it? A lot of people aren't doing consecutive days.

Actually, my scanner is borked too. Do you have a smartphone? I've been getting round it by photographing my art then uploading it to flickr or emailing it to myself.

Dunno how...Camera on my phone isn't working anyway

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