Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Old Stuff...


Roberta Gregory tagged me on Facebook, to post three 'artworks' a day for five days. I still can't scan, and don't know when, if ever I'll get it sorted (snivel), so here are some old doodlediary pages, chosen at random.
I'm feeling seedy, and am worried about getting this hideous cough lurgy to debilate me when I go Istanbul next week. It seems every time I get on a bus, I end up next to someone who's hawking away juicily without bothering to cover their phlegmy mouths. People are so gross...
Watched a crudely made documentary about Forrest J Ackerman. Even as a kid, I found FAMOUS MONSTERS annoying, with its dreadful puns and lame jokes, but there were always lots of interesting visuals.
Fell asleep several times trying to watch THE CONGRESS, which was pretty well received. I found the animation ugly and the whole thing pretty tedious, though, Gave up, in the end.
SPIRAL, alas, is gone long, oh Lord? Poor old Gilou, the world's softest-centred angry fireplug was left weeping and wailing over  the possible loss of Laure's impending bebe.
In jollier news, Marianne is back. Yes! Who could resist the allure of Smart Casual Roban? Funny, how MAD MEN-type suited men seem to be a turn-on to so many. I've always found the suit an unpleasant badge of conformity and oppression, myself.

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