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Media Musing Time...

Watched MARK OF THE DEVIL, which evidently was a big gross-out scandal in its  day, although you'd see more explicit and convincing sadism and gore in the average episode of GAME OF THRONES. Interesting, though. Excellent Austrian locations, and some half-decent DVD 'Extras'. Cast isn't bad, including Herbert Lom, and Udo Kier...Must say I was surprised at how angel-faced the latter was as a very young man. I've always regarded him as a pervy-looking sleazeball, which is what he usually plays.
udo kier
 Had a pleasant enough gargle at choir last night. (Hopeless as I may sound, I really find a good sing quite physically therapeutic, and think everyone should do it.) Then I watched WOLF HALL. It surprises me that a lot of viewers seem to find it tedious.Yes, it's slow, but in a good way. The ambience and acting is just outta dis woild. We had Rylance's T. Cromwell V Anton Lesser as More this week. The pair of them doing amazing things with the twitch of an eyelid, flex of a nostril...Brill. You gotta love Bernard Hill, too. He has some wonderful sweary lines, and is obviously having a great time.
I recorded TEN FACES OF MICHAEL JACKSON, which is about to be my guilty pleasure of the day, detailing all the 'procedures' the poor devil had  inflicted on himself. I've had this unhealthy fixation with the ravages of age, and transformative surgery since I wa a really young child. My sister and I used to amuse ouselves by drawing pictures of conventionally good-looking people and then disfiguring them hideously. Don't know why we were 'like that'. but gods know, our environment was quite peculiar. Perhaps I should have been a makeup artist...

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