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Bad Day, Oy Vey...
Everything seemes OK at the shop.,..except that they didn't send back my connecting lead, but they gave me another, after about twenty minutes of faffing.I got online OK.there, but when I got the fucking thing home, I couldn't connect, and am getting error messages. I haven't yet connected the scanner. I was just too exhausted. Boo Hoo.This has been going on forever.I was so looking forward to the PC being properly  fixed, and getting the scanner going.

BROADCHURCH has become incredibly rubbish.Really corny. Apart from anything else, David Tennant's supposedly seriously ill character running around jumping oiver cars and stuff all the time is irritating.I don't remember the first series having those ludicrous loud doomy 'suspense' chords when someone looks dodgy, or there's a significant event, either. Stoopid...
Last episodes of the SPIRAL season Saturday. I'm getting witdrawl symptoms already. There's been almost too much going on; I can't imagine how it's all going to get sorted this week.

It's nice to see that Boris Johnson, currently terrorising Boston, looks almost as grotesque in a wooly hat as I do.


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