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Good Day, Wayhey!

Opened my old Terra Mundi, which I hadn't raided for about three years, and I actually had forty-odd quid in small change. Yeh!
You're supposed to smash them after breaking the lid, but I just keep using the same one over and over. Hope it doesn't bring bad luck.

.I also bleached my hair, picked up a little Turkish money, and got a new set of nails. I'm going to have to stop getting them. I really can't afford it. My real nails are so manky, though.
Actually got a message from Currys/PC World saying my PC was ready, so I'll go down there in the morning. Fingers crossed that all is well with it, and I'll be able to get the new scanner/printer connected.
I have an early morning flight to Istanbul, so to avoid extra nervous breakdowns about waking up, and transport (strikes, etc.) I've booked an EasyHotel room. Wonder what it's like? You have to pay extra for TV, but as long as it's clean and there's an ensuite, of sorts, it looks good for a short stay. Premium Inn was excellent last time, with a giant bed, free telly, etc., but they didn't have any cheap offers this trip.
Apparently they're opening one in Frankfurt, which I really need to get back to, as there's a lot I missed there, on the short visit we had on the Christmas Markets trip. 2-3 days there would be good. There's an ikon museum, cartoon museum,etc. Maybe in the Spring, when I'm over the upcoming op, or autumn...Anyone interested?

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