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Crazycrone's Corner

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HOFFMANN And Stuff...
Yesterday I managed to sort out my Turkish visa and print it out at the library.I thought the PDF had been lost in the PC collapse, but I found it. I was afraid I was going to have to go to the embassy. so That's gooid.
Alas, I was wrong about TALES OF HOFFMANN from the Met being a fiver on Silver Screen days. It was bloody 15...Worth it, though. It was excellent. The production was attractive,although I prefer the lavish Schlessinger one, with my favourite Hoffmann, Domingo (tied with Graham Clark at the Coli) The actual Hoffmann  (Vittorio Grigolo) didn't do that much for me, although I couldn't fault him; just didn't find him very sympathique. Thomas Hempson was superb in the four Nemesis roles, and Nicklausse/Muse (Kate Lindsey) had a lot more to do musically than usual, and she gave it major welly. She's very good-looking as well, dammit. life is sooo unfair.
kate lindsey
The whole cast was A-list, of course,and I especially liked David Pittsinger,as Crespel/Luther. A really attractive noise, there, and a fine figure of a man, as well, somewhat in the Chaliapin mould. Mmm...
A lot of people seem to find HOFFMANNN kind of shallow and naff, but I've always been quite moved by it. He's a character I really relate to, poor shlub...although it's implied that despite him being a loser in his romantic involvements, he'll finally score artistically.
How many versions of HOFFMANN are there, I wonder? Every time I see it, it seems there's stuff missing, and other bits that I don't remember, thrown in. They did 'Scintille,Diamant', I'm glad to report. I get peeved when they cut that, and Hempson was fab.
It's quite a musical week, actually. Tomorrow there's the MEISTERSINGERS dress at the Coli, followed by choir practise. if I can make it in time.

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How was Meistersingers? I had to go to work so gave away my ticket, but I've booked in to see it in 2 weeks time.

Gonna do a writeup shortly. Basically it was MEISTERSINGERS -loooong, clumpy and largely dull.( It's my least favourite Wagner Opera.) It started at 2,and didn't finish until 7:45 It sounded great, though, and went down well with the crowd.

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