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Goin' Under The Knife...

Went to Harley St this evening, having pretty much decided to blow what's left of my money on surgery for my loose skin. I mean, my whole body needs doing, but apart from money, at my age, there wouldn't be much point. I'm probably having my chest done in March, and leaving the scarier tummy tuck until I'm certain of not losing any more weight, and the appeal is refused. (They said no the first time-) The surgeon showed me some photos of bodies even more fucked up than mine, whose owners were refused their ops on the NHS.It really is a bit cruel; when you have great sweaty sheets of flesh hanging off you, it isn't just 'cosmetic' (even after the op, it doesn't look 'normal') It's uncomfortable in several ways, as well as unsightly. Oh well, I hope I'm doing the right thing. It feels like it, and this woman is an expert on post weight-loss stuff.


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