Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Agony, Rage, Despair...

Grumpvent ahoy!
I had to cancel and restart my direct debit to British Gas a month or so ago because they'd suddenly started billing me for over £2000 a month...OK, all  sorted, except the bit where they ring you up saying you've cancelled your direct debit, some time after you've re-started it...This morning, I got a notice that they planned to start collecting over £5000 a month after 2 February! I mnean what are they on? Luckily,I noticed it, this time, before they took anything. (Or tried to, I haven't got that much in my account...)
Also had another journey to bloody PC World in the gloomy Bridgend area, to buy an external hard drive to stick my stuff on before they send the PC away to be wiped, etc. etc . Of course, I understood little of what the guy said, but I have to go back yet again Monday, to talk to the other guy who was working on it yesterday, before it's actually sent to have the new internal drive put in.
Fuckadoodledoo. I am so weary of all this.It's going to be about two more weeks before I can get it back, and hopefully functional, this time, before I even try to set up the new printer...
Why, oh Lord, why,must you keep afflicting me with these heinous first world agonies?
Oh well, we're promised an emotional outbust by Roban on tonight's SPIRAL. Heh.
The pitiful Alicia got evicted from CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER. I'll miss her wonky-eyed fish face, buttock implants, shortened toes, etc.

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