Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Great Telly...

Caught up with episode one of WOLF HALL, and wow, it's as good as the hype. The double act of the wonderful Mark Rylance and Jonathan Pryce is exquisite, the whole cast is ace, and it looks terrific. My only complaint is that several of the scenes are so dark that my cataracty old eyes can barely make anything out... Instant classic.
Ever so cold this morning. After my constitutional, my face and fingertips were still prickling about half an hour after I got inside. That's parky! Actually ran into R and the dawgs, who I've really missed. She was taking them for a quick crap before driving to Dulwich, where she's been walking them recently to avoid 'staffies and council people', Strangely, she won't name or mention the location of the friends she stayed with over New Year's. She gives the impression that they're quite rich and/or famous.(Evidently in her gilded youth, she hung out a lot with rock stars who her father did business with...)
The Currys/PC World guy just rang back. Yes, the hard drive, after five years, is only running at 3% of what it's supposed to do, which is causing all the slow and unstable stuff. So that's 30-80 quid for the new hard drive, plus I have to buy a back-up thingie, and it will take at least ten days more.Fap!

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