Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Oldie Owies

Sixty-fucking-eight to-day. Terrifying. Of course, it beats the alternative, as they say. I had another restless night, and everyone I dteamt about is dead.
I did something to my bad(der) knee a couple of days ago, which hurts like hell, and what with having to haul the PC back to Fulham, I skipped my workout.Bad me.
The guy at Currys says I might need a new hard drive, and perhaps should consider just buying a new PC, as it's so old (five years...) I spent a fortune on it originally, hoping it would last a long time. They didn't actually fix anything for £50 It's all unbelievable.
I'll never be able to cope with the techhie side. I wish there was someone I could call on regularly that I could trust to sort stuff out and not fleece me.*Sigh*
I'm working up a good obsession with CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER's Alicia Douvall. She's had eighteen cosmetic ops on her tits alone, has a daughter called Papaya, who she's educating at home,(!) which gave her a chance to learn the alphabet and the names of shapes, herself!


Enjoyed choir last night.I'm so glad they've moved back to the nearby church hall. It's so convenient that I don't have any excuses.
Now I'm going to settle in and watch WOLF HALL

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