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Going to Hell
Finally got through, and actually got called back. The guy reckons I have to (whimper) take it back, and they'll strip everything out and put it back in again. I can't bear it.
At least the keyboard and mouse have groaned back to life.
I don't  think I can take it tomorrow, as I have choir at night and it's just too exhausting...It may seem absurd, but the CFS along with the depression, has been so bad lately, I can force myself to exercise, and do local errands most days, but that's about it; I'm done in. Poor me.
RIP Anne Kirkbride, far too early. I've never been a real CORRIE follower, but I remember a long-gone friend introducing me to the famous lurve triangle back in the 80's (!). We would get bladdered while watching the unfolding hysteria, and inevitably. I got into it, and carried on watching for a time, but EASTENDERS is 'my' soap.


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