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I Lost My Heart to Feckin' Brussels!

It's actually a very interesting place. My only complaint is not having had a few more days to take in all the cool stuff. What with both of us having trouble walking, etc. We were pretty slow. It was also bloody summery-hot, although for tourist purposes I guess that beats getting rained on.
I totally approve of 'business class' air lounges; very easy to get used to - Not to mention the 5-star hotel just a few minutes' walk from the Gare Centrale. Whoo! That cool low-lit lobby, polished marble everything, the sumptuous breakfast buffet (Wish we could have filled 'doggie-bags'...), lovely shower (such a luxury for me-I've only got a bath...) and bidet. The room was too warm, and we had to ask to have the window opened. The TV didn't work that well, either, but there was nothing to watch but (sigh-) war stuff and pay stuff, anyway.
The first day, we did the tour-bus acclimitisation, and it drove out to the Atomium, which always looks quite boring in photos, but when ya get there it's awesome. SOOO huge...We investigated the little church (Mary Magdelene?)by the hotel, and mooched around, discovering orgasmic junkfood at Papillon, where the pistachio ice cream is the best ever on this earth. MMMmmm...We never had a 'meal' in the time we were there, except for breakfast. all other feeding was done at Papillon, and I'm still feeling the hideous effects of two-plus days of pannini-sarnies, waffles and ice cream! Urp-
We did a couple of tiers of the Musee de Beaux Arts, the Medieval and 17th-18th centuries. I need to go back... The Bosch Temptation of St. Anthony, and the Botticelli Lamentation were highlights.
We had to spring for a taxi to the cartoon museum after trying and failing several times to find it. I was slightly disappointed that there wasn't more practical stuff, although there was an exhibit on creating a comic/animation. English-speakers had to carry an awkward binder around, though. There's a big shop, but somehow I'd expected to find art materials there, too. It's comics and toys only. I didn't get a chance to check out any other art supply shops (no money, anyway-) or comic shops, as it's not really Hazel's thing, and I didn't think it was fair. She'd already schlepped round the comic museum for hours.
The Manneken Pis is at present presiding over a little group of anti-war demonstators, and he's wearing a CND t-shirt and a 'Not in My Name' sun visor. Good lad!
Wonderful gardens,intriguing side streets, pleasantly polite people, on the whole, cleanliness with very little litter, even in the sleazier areas. Eeeee! It were lovely!
Wotan was royally spoilt for the duration by Renate, who was rewarded with many fags and chocolate. I've spent most of today half asleep pleasantly knackered.

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