Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Gyppy Tummy...

Had a Jamaican bullah cake this morning, after a dank and drizzly workout, and promptly puked. Have been queasy ever since.
It wasn't as cold out as I expected, but it's getting pretty raw now.
Still no bloody PC,  but squinting at this weeny screen is better than trudging to the noisy cafe.
I've paid the odd visit to CELEBRTY BIG BROTHER, and it's really gross...Two housemates have been chucked out, one quit, and the bizarre constant shrieking antics of Perez Hilton dominate the proceedings. I never realised he was that bad, Apparently he has a baby. Poor child. Nadia Swahala, who I remember as student Saffy, in ABFAB is now a mumsy type. There are also the usual tittybumpity girls unknown to me. Over the Hill songmith Alexander O'Neal, who walked after being warned for calling Perez a 'faggot' after endless provocation. The PC thing is really going overboard these days. One old git (from CORRIE?) got booted for using the word 'Negro' several times. Now when I was a kid, that was the accepted and polite term that POC expected you to use.The old boy really might not have known any better. I didn't realise myself that it seems to be regarded as heinous as 'Nigger' nowadays. He seemed to be  a fairly nasty, dirty old man generally, though. Some other random was deleted for allegedly pulling open a bimbo's dressing gown to expose her bazooms, which she was constantly flaunting anyway. Nobody seems to have witnessed this, including the cameras...
Another popsy, 'Alicia', seems to have been nipped and tucked until she actually looks like a sex doll. Frightening. Bloody Katie Hopkins is one of the less obnoxious housemantes! The fairly sensible woman who manages drag queens seems to be tipped to win.

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