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So Peeved and Crabby...
Went to collect the little old laptop yesterday, but when I got home I couldn't log on because I couldn't get a connection., wireless or otherwise.Fucking sodding Hell! I suppose it's a BT thing, so I'll have to try and sort it with them when I get home. Also, it seems there's a huge list of things that need correcting and upgrading on it. It's also Windows XP, so I guess it's really not worth investing money in. The big PC is still at Currys. It had four 'bad viruses', and they're still trying to get rid of one. Oy. This is so flaming frustrating.Enough is enough. Then there's setting up the new scanner to worry about...
It addition to the hollering out back, there's a babbling baby in here today. Jeez.
I heard that the choir was returning to the nearby church for this term,so I forced myself to creep back last night, and it was OK. I'm convinced having a sing regularly is very healthy, and I'm glad to resume my timid tenor-ing. The repertoire looks like fun, too, unlike the dreary piece they concentrated on last time, which is being broadcast in part, on R3 tonight; 9:00 or 9:30, I think.


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