Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Gotta Do Something...

Well, today or tomorrow, I have to make an effort to get to the nearest PCX World repair counter (2 buses-) with my heavy, PC that doesn't fit into my trolley properly. It's been malfunctioning for such a long time, needs a proper service and upgrade after five years. It has to be done, somehow. Then I can buy a sale printer/scanner and have them connect it properly while it's there. The lack of a scanner has really made my depression all the gloomier. I've even stopped doodling, which I never do. Gotta shake myself up.
So, I may not be online much for the next few days.
Yesterday was hellish. Rained all morning, so didn't exercise (by the time it cleared up, in the afternoon, I was in too much of a funk to stir myself) . I really need to do it in the mornbing, while I can still force myself out.The lack of activity, of course, makes me feel still worse, yadda yadda...
Wish me luck that I don't end up dropping the thing...Further cause of gloom, I noticed the current version of the HP Touchsmart 600 I have is, while still expensive, about half the price I paid.

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