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Whole Lotta Woe...
Jesus, I'm depressed. I was grizzling on the rowing machine this morning. (Fortunately the park was deserted-) This is with anti-depressants...It's so difficult to do anything at all.
Lots of TV programmes about obesity at the moment, no doubt to 'encourage' people to stick to their New Year's slimming resolutions.
There was BENEFITS: TOO FAT TO WORK, which largely followed a very unhealthy-looking, intellectually challenged couple, 'living on handouts' and planning their wedding. (The groom collapsed at the reception, and was carted off with a blood clot on his lung.)
Even more loathesome was Creepy Dr Christian's latest wheeze, pitting two porkers with opposing values against each other in a slimming competition, You have to put up their own money, and if your 'enemy' wins, they'll use your dosh to do something you despise. This GUARDIAN review pretty much says it all. O tempora, O mores...
Waiting for the odd-job man to assemble a couple of flat packs for me. (Storage things, so maybe I can get the place a bit less shambolic.)

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Aaargh! I caught that Benefits, Too fat to work thing and it was horrible! :( Deliberately designed to poke people into spluttering.

Sorry to hear you're glum, but rather impressed you made it to the rower in spite of the grimness.

(Also, apologies if I'm a bit silent on commenting on your facebook posts - sticking to LJ wherever I can.)

Here I am moaning about my emo affliction when people are getting massacred in Paris. Heaven help us; it's just so grim. How is this stuff ever going to stop?
Yeah, I understand you're avoiding FB. I'm hooked, I'm afraid. At least I haven't been captivated by Twitter...

There is a lot of 'fatty baiting' at the moment - they've moved away from the drinking and smoking sector and moved on. listened to some of it over the past few nights on LBC (fucking depressing station that it is). Think it's all about how strained the NHS is and blaming key factors. Fair enough, but they try to gloss over the fact that they have bumped up the bumph-peddling bureaucracy and eroded the actual services (district nurses et al) that we need.

Can't be ill/old/fat/depressed.

Sorry to hear you're so low. Futilely wish I could do something helpful. Good thoughts coming from 12,000 miles away.

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