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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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So Long 2014...
Largely, you sucked. For so many people, it seems to have been a grim year in varying degrees. I'm pretty much ruined, financially, and have been battling crippling depression and losing, mostly, but actually I can't complain. I've had it easy in comparison to many, especially those who have lost loved ones, human and otherwise, and/or have faced really  serious health troubles.
Still, I'd like a little less misery in 2015, if possible, for myself and everyone else.
On the plus side this year, I ain't dead yet, and I've managed to keep exercising, even though I'm so dispirited, and I seem to have stopped losing weight, stones short of my 'goal'
Then there has been travel. I had a super visit to fascinating Riga, an unexpected chance to go back to Serbia,thanks to Sasa. where I enjoyed re-visiting the people and the artistic pleasures of Pancevo,including its first (but surely not last!) film festival... not to mention all the cakes and pizza! There was also  a rather rocky but not entirely bad break in Paris,Then, there was the knackering but enriching coach trip to Germany, where amongst many sights, smells and tastes, I got to visit Bamberg cathedral, and revel in its Green Men, especially my all-time favourite, just underneath the wonderful Horseman.
So it goes. Here's to a Happy New Year, everyone. Fingers crossed...

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Happy New Year to you too :-)

Belated Happy New Year to you- 2014 does seem to have been a particularly rubbish year doesn't it? In lots of ways it was a better year for me than 2013, but still an over all feeling of 'i'm glad that's all over with' remains.

One of 2014's upsides for me was getting back into exercise after years of slothfulness, inspired by your glittering example. Happy New Year.

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