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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Terror And Wonder...
After sleeping in until nearly 7:30, and not exercising (again!) I got myself to the British Library for the TERROR AND WONDER Gothic exhibit.
It was fascinating, but there was just so much to it that I was exhausted after more than two hours to get round it, and that was skipping past most of the very familiar film clips. Whew,  It was also more crowded than I had hoped, and hard to see a lot of the books.
Doctor Dee's Magic Mirror was a guest star. I'm always glad to see that, and I was quite taken with the first film, a cool animation of THE CASTLE OF OTRANTO.
For those with money to spend, there was a lot of rather jolly tat in the bookshp, T-shirts, etc.
It was proper cold again; 'Taters!'  I'm sneezing a lot, and the insides of my ears are itching like crazy, for some reason. Hope I'm not 'coming down with'.
The bloody hoover isn't picking up, which is bad news, as I need to use it every day, to keep the cat hairs and dust under control, 'cos of my allergies. Shit. I still have to get the PC sorted, somehow, and get a new printer/scanner. I now have two dead ones...
Saw  the much-derided JOHN CARTER last night, and found it quite entertaining. There's so much vastly worse stuff around, I don't know why it's considered such a turkey.

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Freaky! I just read about that exhibition this morning and was going to mention it as it sounded right up your alley (mine too). Shit like that is what I miss London for.

If you're looking for a printer/scanner cheap, I was fossicking around on Amazon (UK version) the other day and noticed they were offering some via third party sellers second hand, as low as 20 quid.

I know. It's mostly a logistics matter...and my own inertness. Also, the PC isn't right, so I hesitateat trying to connect anything new...

Peripherals suck. My business partner has a Android tablet we can't for the life of us connect to the wifi, even though I have an Android phone connected with no problems at all. And we're supposed to be kickarse IT professionals! Ha, if only our clients knew.

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