Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Banjaxed In Bamberg...

I was suffering a total lack of confidence after the Nuremberg  misadventure, and the weather was once again, really grim. (The leaden skies only began to lighten a bit when we were on the coach headed for home, on the last day...)
Was patronised by some of the other old crocks on the tour, who said they'd been worried about me when I didn't turn up, and it must be hard, being on my own, etc....@+%#! ( It was all elderly couples, at least my age, and all bloody sprightlier, except for the other single sat next to me, a fiftyish man. We never really spoke, tried to keep out of each other's way...)
To my mind, Bamberg isn't as pretty as Wurzburg, although it's very nice. I got two pairs of fingerless gloves in a 'Euro Shop', which was a good buy. Once again, I was having trouble finding the Cathedral, and my feet and knees were giving me gyp. I was directed to a bus terminus, thank gods, where I got transport to the door, and was reassured to see I could also get a bus to deposit me back at the Concert/Conference Hall where we had to meet up.
It is, indeed a fine Cathedral, but once again, I liked Wurtzburg's better. The famous Bamberg Rider really is something though, much more impressive in 'RL' than photos. He radiates grace and nobility. Propping him up, of course, is 'my' Green Man and I sat contemplating them for a while. I was so glad to have seen them.
Here's a good link about the many Green Men in Bamberg.
The elegantly soulful Rider
The wondrously mystical  Green Man

Bamberg has four Christmas Markets. One is only open at weekends, and two, including the Medieval one I'd fancied, were closed this year, due to violation of fire, and other health & safety regulations. The remaining one was OK, with nothing that really appealed to me. The local speciality seems to be 'prune people'; crude rustic figures with prunes for heads. Meh.

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