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Bavarian Market Trip (1)
The bloody sodding scanner isn't working, so it's hardly worth bothering with my boring impressions, but...
The entirety of Day One was full of coach travel. Two changes. I found myself really siezing up, although I tried to keep moving my feet as much as possible, etc. We had the usual driver/rep spouting incredibly lame jokes and dull statistics. (There are 400 zoos in Germany-) This one looks like 'the Penguin' out of GOTHAM.
We finally stopped in Liege, at a Great Western four-star gaff where I had a double room to myself; (so clean and comfy, and I loved the nice, hard mattress.) I couldn't afford a meal, and the place was out in the boonies, so I had to make do with a sandwich from home, and a waffle from the machine. Got to watch BBC TV, though. Yay!
Day 2: On to Wurzburg,after yet more coach hours. Germany is really up to the mark in the wind farm and solar farm department. We passed scads of 'em.
The market seemed to   have  more 'traditional' stuff that others I've visited. Lots of fancy baubles and baking equipment.angel girl

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You have my admiration for toughing out a coach trip that long - sounds incredibly gruelling. I agree that airports are hell but at least it's over faster. I love the idea of trains, then I realise I'm picturing the old-fashioned carriage type instead of the nasty airline seats you get now. The market sounds terrific! I am powerless before baking equipment.

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