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Chilly And Groggy...

Oy, it's cold. Germany next week should feel proper Chrisymassy, if this weather keeps up.
R Next Door seems to be Not Speaking again, for the usual reasons unknown. Yerkel Mazerkel. life's too bloody short.
Fell asleep during FLOG IT this afternoon, and when I woke up, I thought it was 23:30 and got all disorientated cos it was bedtime, and I'd just woken up. Senility cracks on apace. Fortuitously, I'd just recieved a Dementia Guide from Age UK, or whatever it is...
I must go to Oxford to see that recreation of Blake's studio. The site is just down the road from me, but of course, there's nowt there but a blue plaque.
The All-New South Bank Christmas Market seems as grim as ever. I should go on a pleasanter day. Yes, that weird stall that sells nowt but wooden neckties is still there. I think it must be a front for flogging crystal meth or something...
Quite enjoying REMEMBER ME, which is proper creepy, and provides several wee jumps an episode.
Noticed while watching a SIMPSONS episode that God has five fingers, while mortals only have the classic cartoon four...
The scanner seems to have sputtered into half-life again, but now LJ isn't responding to my attempts to post doodles. Fap.


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