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Eastern Promise...

Yesss...I've booked for a city break in Istanbul at the end of february. Unfortunately, I'll be going alone, as H still isn't feeling confident enough to travel after coming a cropper on our last two trips. *Sigh*
Needs must, though. I've wanted to check this place on my bucket list for ages. It's a pretty good deal, BTW from Voyages Jules Verne. There are still a VERY few places left. You get your own room with no single supplement , four nights, from 26 Feb. Anyone fancy it?
Went to the feckin'vein clinic again, and the consultant said my veins aren't the kind that are helped by 'stripping'. Compression seems to be the only route, really...Sooo, that means going to the GPs surgery every week or so to have my 'bad(der)' leg mummy-wrapped. Which means showering with it in a bin liner. not being able to get my shoes on properly, etc.etc. BUM.
I was planning to see HOCKNEY today, but don't feel like going out again. It's so raw out there. Exercising was grim this morning. It was drizzly, too. Season premiere of the Village Idiot Hat. There are PENNY DREADFUL episodes to be watched, too,and a cat to be mutually useful with (Still haven't put central heating on, was hoping to hold off until I get back from Germany.) 

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Istanbul is fab! There seems to be resident cat in the Hagia Sofia too.

Hagia Sophia cat patrol

Mind you, it's full of quite sociable and friendly cats frisking around, these are consumer testing carpets...

Cats for sale!

Obviously the architecture and the "Water cistern" are great, but if you can - go and see the spinning Dervishes!

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Oh yes, I remember drooling enviously at your posts. Would love to check out dervishes, if opportunity arises!

Sincere sympathies: compression bandages are not fun.

Something very exciting has just happened to me- due to over spending on my power bills all year I am about to get a rebate, and you know what rebates mean...they either mean going on holidays or paying off debts in a sensible manner. I wonder if there was a way to combine the two?

I wish! Always wanted to go to Istanbul, but I will be in Los Angeles then. Enjoy, and I look forward to the doodles. What a bummer about the compression. I've never yet found a way to shower without getting leg wrapping wet.

Oh well, at least it's only one leg this time.

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