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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Nasty Old Lady At The NPG...
Went to see the William Morris exhibit yesterday. It was quite interesting, but overcrowded. (I hadn't relised it was 'Senior Wednesday' which was good, because I got in for under £11.00, but bad, because there were about 300 other old farts with sticks in there, plus a couple of 'little disableds' in wheelchairs, and it was difficult to appreciate all the stuff.) There was a great deal of explanatory text, too, and you had to rush through it. Bah. I am such a cantankerous old thing, I know...
Today was another schlep to St Thomas'. This time to be measured for new support stockings. My good lally, according to the woman, now 'looks like an ordinary leg.'
Intrigued by Dickon Edwards' blog mention, I succumbed toStarbucks' eggnog latte curiosity.To my astonishment, they really are hideously tasty, although even my 'tall, skinny' surely packed about 300 calories and any amount of synthetic poison, and cost three quid.. I want another. Want it now...
R Next Door alerted me to a scruffy-looking fox trotting along in the park this morning. First live one i've seen in all my years on this estate, although I know there are plenty of them. I was delighted.

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Congratulations on having an "ordinary" leg. Does your other leg remain extraordinary?

Oh yeah, it's way grotesque.

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