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Rehearsal At ENO...
London Transport woes again...Just made it inside , as the show was starting. Afterwards, all buses seemed to be cancelled due to the student demo, but I managed to get what may have been the last 11 for ages, for Sloane Square, where I could get the 452 home, and was thus saved from schlepping all the way on foot.
THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO THE OTHER MARY (John Adams) was pretty much what I'd feared, two and a half hours of worthy squeaky gate stuff; an oratorio with added 'movement'. The second half wasn't all that bad, though, as there were some good percussion riffs. The well-lit set looked handsome, and there was a lot of valiant singing, especially from Meredith Arwady as Martha.  It was nice to  hear a new major part for a proper alto, and she made the most of it. Lush timbre, cavernous low notes and an enviable 'top'. She'll go far, I reckon.
Once again, the audience went nuts at the end, with lots of 'bravos, etc. which seemed excessive, but the cast had certainly earned it. There were a lot of quite young, amazingly well-behaved school kids again, too. Hope they weren't put off opera for life. Looked around for Moto, but I guess she gave this one a miss. Personally, I'm glad I checked it out, but once was definitely enough.
My malaise continues. The fatigue is just crushing. Oy...

Here's another random doodle rerun, due to scanner death. *Sigh*


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I couldn't make it to the rehearsal as I couldn't get time off work, but I'm booked to see it this Friday evening. I've even got a ticket for _vargr_ to see it with me (5 quid cramp-leg tickets). This'll be 3 operas for Vargr within a week - gasp!

Gosh! Don't know if this one will do much to convert him, though...

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