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WTF is wrong with me, anyway? I just can't bear being awake. So weak, and sickly and WEARY. It was raining this morning, so I went to the Courtauld and saw the little exhibit of Egon Schiele nudes and the Ace od Diamonds stuff. They've stopped the Monday free admissions, to my chagrin, and the shows were small, if good...Set me thinking of dead chum John L who was a big Schiele fan. He would have enjoyed it.
Had problems getting home, as no 87s seemed to be running. Didn't feel up to walking, so went roundabout via Sloane Square, where I got a 452 back to mine. Very slow and miserable. I don't know, it's not really cold as such, but so dank and chilly I can't cope. I was going to exercise, as the rain had stopped, but I just couldn't face it. This is bad.
The scanner came to life for one page (I like camels-) and then pffft again.

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Those are some exceptionally splendid camels.

Had to add that I keep coming back and gawking at the camels because they are SO AWESOME. Would happily frame them and hang them on my wall.

Looks like they don't do free entry if you work at a UK university any more either! Still going to have to go and see the Schieles though.

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