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Ohhh, Daddy-

nick cave
your gothic daddy is nick cave, and you're NOT

who's your gothic daddy?
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On the one hand, I feel rather chipper, getting stuff together for the jaunt to Brussels, but...

I still feel sick as a pig from seeing all that bombing last night.It was so beautiful, in the distance, that splendid Gotterdammerung glow. You think it just can't be real...The correspondent's valiant efforts to control the fear in his voice 'spoiled' the spectacle,though, and I started thinking of what the residents of Baghdad must be going through. I mean, even if you didn't get killed, what would a night like that do to yer brain? Ah, no use trying to say anything coherent about it.
Doesn't Blair look a mess, too? I read somewhere that he had abandoned using fake tan for the duration to curry sympathy, but he honestly does look fucked up. Guess he deserves it, and I've little time for him as a rule, but I can't help feeling a bit sorry for him, and all. Gawd 'elp us, every one...

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