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Went to Wandsworth to have a browse round the 'mall', and while in Tiger,contemplating nail brushes,  was assaulted by the most horrendously sickening piped-in cover of MR BOJANGLES (Not one of my great favourites to start with-) that could ever be conceived of. It totally earwormed me,  and I can still hear that bloke's sickly sweet voice, the dirgelike tempo, etc. Yahhhhh!
I often feel sorry for people who have to work with stuff like that being blasted at them all day. Oh well, it wasn't Christmas music, at least.
In a triumph of optimism over experience and common sense, I bought a half price pop-up mosquito net.


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Wow. She's really gone too far this time. Ugh.

I know, I know! She's said a lot worse, but even I self- censor, occasionally.

You have a patience I can only describe as saintly to put up with that. Have you noticed a glowing circle hovering above your head recently?

I think I'm a bit of a coward not to argue when she says these things, but experience has indicated there's just no point; it just gets my BP soaring and has no effect on her .

I can imagine. It's like that thing about putting lipstick on a pig.

I was in the Kau Kau eating barbeque pork and beef, and they piped in a Chinese singer belting out "Take Me Home Country Roads" in a deep manly voice. It was amazing! I choked on my food briefly, but it was all right.

R doesn't have a filter setting does she?

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