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Hot Halloween, etc. ...

RECIPEASE, Jamie Oliver's stupid rip-off shop at Clapham Juction has shut down, in curious circumstances. Apparently the browsers  (I don't think even the best-heeled  yuppies actually bought stuff in there... ) were turfed out and the staff dismissed on the spot.Odd.
Parliament Square is still all fenced up. Is it really 'to allow the grass to re-grow'?
After the dentist visit on Friday, I'd intended to take in the William Morris exhibit at the NPG,  but it was quite busy there,with lots of effing kids, so I just looked at some of the Grayson Perry stuff, and generally mooched for a while, before looking at a rather pleasant show of paintings by a group studying Chinese Brush Painting, in the St Martin's Crypt Gallery. There was one I'd have considered buying if I had money and hanging space .
The ol' knees have been acting up. I haven't had such bad joint  pain since I was superfat. On Friday, several other people in the dog park reported similar owies. I wonder if the bizarre Hottest Halloween Weather Ever had something to do with it?
Every time I eat salad or whatever, containing edamame beans, I don't like it. So there.


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