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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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laughing barratt
I won £25 on the lotto, and ordered the new CULT COMICS book,
Otherwise not so hot my CFS is really damping me down at the moment. I seriously don't feel able to do anything. Even watching TV just brings on almost instant sleep. This endless summer thing doesn't help.
Last night I was pursuing a man I had a crush on, in Berlin, at night. I didn't know my way around, and found myself up to my knees in a sort of huge, muddy sinkhole,spread across a whole square, where people were often attacked by muggers, etc. I was having a hard time pulling my feet out, and it was scary.
As for the dream about miracles, which featured Gene Shepherd, a wise old jazz man, St Alban's Road under multiple rainbows, colossal buildings and sculpture, etc. etc...Does anyone ever have dreams that are so full of images and episodes that you can't possibly think of any way to convey them, in words or pictures, yet they are so vivid ?.
Anyway in this one, I was young, and kind of a cartoon character. I was 3D and felt like me, but I was in black and white and looked like 'Crumb Girl'!. Can't post doodles. I am bereft without scanner powers. Damn!

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Your cartoon character thing sounds cool. The scary part, not so much. Nor the CFS stuff. Hang in there. To borrow a phrase, winter is coming!

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