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Oh, Cool...

I'm my favourite kind of horse.
Had a bizarre dream of having sex in a locker room with (OhGodNo!) Robin Williams. We were both teenagers and he was madly in love with me.Horrible, horrible...In the dream, though, I didn't mind.
Really must get my hair cut, but for me, it's an ordeal right up there with the dentist. I'm always amazed by women who seem to really get off on having their hair 'done'. Posh salons, which I've been to once or twice in my time, are every bit as horrific to me as the raucous Carribean barbershop I'm now reduced to, apart from being a bit cleaner.I simply don't like the whole procedure...
Oh horror! I forgot to watch BUFFY last night; got distracted by first-season FARSCAPE repeat. (My obsession started with season 2, so I've got some catching up to do, there.)Argh...
As for the War, Uh! What is it good for? Absolutely nothin', etc. Please God, let it end soon.
Clydesdale: Strength, both internal and external,
is your asset. You are strong, dependable, and
usually hard working. It's not always easy
being you; people often take you for granted.
Either way you're the friend people go to for
advice or just a shoulder to cry on. You may
not be as social as the rest, but you're
probably more popular than you realize.

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