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World's Worst Varicose Vein...

Rained all day, so I have an excuse for not exercising.
I went to the hospital... "We don't have notes any more".... Had to repeat all my info. Then they decided to have one more try with the foam injections. Four people gathered around, chatting in medicalese along the lines of "Ohhh, ain't it 'orrible" "Never seen the like", etc. as they pumped so much foam into my 'bad'; left leg, hopelessly, that they didn't have any left to do the right one again. The consultant said I have the most humungous varicose vein she's ever seen, and almost certainly, the only thing for it will be good old-fashioned 'stripping'. Happyhappyjoyjoy... I feel quite frelled, now.
Gonna watch GOTHAM*, and see if that's any good.
No, the bloody scanner is not working today. This grieves me much.

* Later...GOTHAM is pretty good-looking, but, so far, flat and rather dull.

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