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Drizzle Day...
Any fellow caffeine/cake addicts finding themselves on Denmark Hill with a bit of spare time might want to pop into  136, Florence, a pretty little Italian caff with very fine coffee, and a wide selection of (urp!) interesting lil' pastries. Their salad and sarnie options also look very fresh and tasty. Prices aren't cheap, but quite reasonable, given the high quality.
I'd been rained on, so succumbed to cake lust, although a man had just admired my "No Sacrifice, No Victory" T-shirt
At this rate, I'm never going to get under my 'plateau'.
I've got several more giant insect bites. They really sting and itch and they're huge. I'm still on seasonal antihistamines, but these things are intense.
There were ambulances all over the place for most of the day. I thought there must have been a big accident, but haven't heard of anything.

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Cool pic! Is there a story behind it?

What's with the bites at this time of year? Cat fleas? Might be worth showing them to the doc or pharmacist perhaps, to be sure they're not bed bugs or such? (I'm overly paranoid about such things now.)

Re stroppy goths...No, it was just a doodle.
Bites...nope, Amazy doesn't have fleas, thank gods, and there's no sign of bedbugs. (I obsess about these things, too) There are horseflies and all sorts of Things down in the dog park, though, so I might have been chomped while exercising. Hopefully the cooler weather will stick around and get rid of them.

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