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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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I feel bad. I did work out, then settled down in front of the TV to doze and catch up on stuff. I wish I had a slice of that brilliant pizza in Pancevo (Mmm, greasy carbs!) but then again, I probably wouldn't be able to taste it, due to bunged-upness. Bah.
I have also changed the cat litter and tidied up a bit, and that has been my day.
Here's some more travel diary scribbling.

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Argh, your knee! Although I'm not sure which sounds more painful - that or the lunch. I'd kill to get away from that sort of thing. You were super-brave!

Didn't have a choice, really. Would have looked bad if I didn't go, but I was sat ALL ALONE for most of the time, at a table for four. Jeez Louise!

I really hate when people mutilate their dogs for fashion's sake. I thought in England tail-docking was illegal—so why should ear-cropping be okay? Is it a drug-dealer's dog?

This was in Serbia. I think it is illegal here. Hope so.

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