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Bugger, I'm feeling all sickly again. Sneezy and snuffly, achy and queasy...Anyway, the PANCEVAC strip is finished, and Sasa seems to think it's passable, so I'm free to flake out. I think tomorrow is pretty much a duvet day pour moi.
There was a huge scene in the dog park, when R Next Door, who is so down on Staffies, got knocked off her feet by the affectionate lunge of Honey, a (half-grown, gods help us-) specimen of the robust breed. They're like tanks. She turned the ankle of her bad leg and let out a nightmarish scream before roundly abushing Honey and her human, to whom she apologised afterwards. She insisted she'd be OK to get upstairs on her own, and said she'd use her crutches to take the dogs to the Common...
CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER was won by Gary Busey, who gained the public's love by belching, farting, honking like a goose, saying "WHAT?" all the time, and sitting bareass in the kitchen trying to manipulate his dodgy knee.
I would have quite liked White Dee to get it, or Audley, the runner-up.
Almost time for CRIMES OF PASSION. Here are a few pages of scrawlings from my travel diary.


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Loved your travel diary - particularly the sketch of you slurping coffee and thinking morbid thoughts:). Ugh, Heathrow sounds grisly. Having your stuff pawed through is the worst. Can't blame them, though - you're so obviously the international criminal type .

I bloody hate airports! I'm also so old I can remember when air travel was kind of fun and exciting. Now it's grim drudgery, worse than commuting; constant queueing, crowding, being hassled, etc. Grumble...

I do have to come down on R's side on this. Being bumbled by a friendly dog is fine for the fit and healthy, but I've elderly and/or disabled chums who would risk real damage being knocked over. Dogs need to be kept under a measure of control.
Come to think of it, silly humans need to pay more attention too, like that girl you warded off after the opera. I ought to have been more on the ball to deflect her, apologies Lee, my head is all over the place at the moment. Luckily you're stronger and fleeter of foot now and amply defended yourself bartitsu style.

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Chortle. She did give me a fright,though.Silly cow.Obviously off her face.Gave me some pleasure to wield my stick!
QUite right about the dogs, of course. I've been hit by a flying staffie or two while exercising and mentally off with the fairies. Very frightening. Of course, I'm tank-like enough myself that I didn't quite go down. A lightweight like R or a kid, doesn't have much chance.

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