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Ripping OTELLO...
Late again to the dress rehearsal, but only by a moment. Totally liked David Alden's very grey new production. Vintage ENO stalwart Jonathan Summers is still a fine Iago and Stuart Stelton's first Otello was  indeed excellent; standing ovation, etc.
motodraconis was also in attendance, and had just given into bling frenzy, on the way. She showed me the two pieces she's  bought, and I was impressed, especially with the hissing serpent robe clasp thing. Afterwards, I went to Cecil Court, and once again walked obliviously past the shop, which I must have passed hundreds of times, and Sophie pointed it out. It's full of all manner of gobsmacking stuff. I'm not that much of a one for jewellery, but was taken by the loudly coloured bakelite-looking items. I'd wear some of those.Most of the things, though not 'me' were amazing to look at.Great place.
I'm soooo tired, and trying to get a strip together by Saturday, for PANCEVAC, about my trip to the film festival, comic exhibit, etc. Hope I can manage it.

Here's me looking a div, as per usual, and my lil' exhibit at the Elektrika gallery in Pancevo'



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That's a great looking photo, you seem to be holding court rather well!

I'd totally got confused as to when you'd gone to Pancevo, anticipating the write and draw up.

Otello was very stirring, I'm not one for trag but I got caught up in it, and the minimal set was really good, the combo of the dark stageset and creepy music as it climbed to the final dénouement was actually quite scary.

As usual I ought not to have bought yet more bling, but I've been ogling that serpent piece for 6 months. The gloat-factor outweighs the jewellery diet ramifications (groan.)

Sorry to interrupt for a silly question, but what is a "div"?

I actually read it a week ago in a comedy article making fun of English slang, but I couldn't figure out what it means.

Within the context, she might mean "diva;" she looks smashing!

Love your top. So appropriate and keeping with the comic theme. You look good.

As does what I can see of your exhibit.

That's a really nice photo (div me arse). Love that top.

Thanks. Glad everyone seems to like the top!

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