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Ripping OTELLO...

Late again to the dress rehearsal, but only by a moment. Totally liked David Alden's very grey new production. Vintage ENO stalwart Jonathan Summers is still a fine Iago and Stuart Stelton's first Otello was  indeed excellent; standing ovation, etc.
motodraconis was also in attendance, and had just given into bling frenzy, on the way. She showed me the two pieces she's  bought, and I was impressed, especially with the hissing serpent robe clasp thing. Afterwards, I went to Cecil Court, and once again walked obliviously past the shop, which I must have passed hundreds of times, and Sophie pointed it out. It's full of all manner of gobsmacking stuff. I'm not that much of a one for jewellery, but was taken by the loudly coloured bakelite-looking items. I'd wear some of those.Most of the things, though not 'me' were amazing to look at.Great place.
I'm soooo tired, and trying to get a strip together by Saturday, for PANCEVAC, about my trip to the film festival, comic exhibit, etc. Hope I can manage it.

Here's me looking a div, as per usual, and my lil' exhibit at the Elektrika gallery in Pancevo'



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