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Who'da Thunk It?...

Never thought I'd ever find myself having a warm glow in the direction of Robin Cook! "C'est la vie, say the old folks; just goes to show you never can tell"...
I've been to the hospital to claim my old-lady right to a mammogram. Interesting experience; they contort you into a weird position like a chiropractor, then you flop your tit between two glass plates and it goes SQUIDGE!!! while the nurse babbles inanely to 'relax' you. Think I'd have felt more relaxed if I'd known what,exactly, was going to be done,actually. All very strange,but it's good to know some aspects of the welfare state are still functional. In the US you can just walk around with cancer until it's too late, unless you have money or insurance for checkups.
I also claimed my dysfunctional scrounger's entitlement, after a LOT of hassle, to a Freedom Pass. Oh yes, the busses are mine! Happyhappyjoyjoy! Then I strolled home from Clapham Common.My back hurt like hell, but it was such a beautiful day...

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