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Still More Inertia...
...But I did manage another panel (!) of the strip I'm doing for the festival. Mostly I dozed through a double bill of THE WALKING DEAD. The new season seems to have perked up a bit.
R Next Door appeared briefly again...THis time she asked me to make sure there are no ants in the flat before I go to Serbia, as they are so 'horrible'. I'll have to get the bug woman to come round,although I haven't seen any. R maintains that all the flats in the block have some kind of infestation (probably true-) except hers, and she's afraid of bringing my ants in. It doesn't seem to trouble her that her place smells like a landfill site. Grunt. I'm afraid if she sees any, she might stop looking after Amazy when I'm away. I pay her, but a 'pro' would cost much more, and be stressful for the kitteh.
Here's some of the old stuff I've been digging out...

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That colour pic is stunning, I love it! If you ever feel like chucking it out, give it to me! I'll get it framed. :D

The colours are stunning in your dream strip! Also, I literally laughed out loud. It's all terrific, but it was the cat wot tipped the balance.

Is -- is Frankenstein still using his skull?

Well, in the film, I seem to remember that his evil spirit was still in residence, and killed people, etc...or was that The Skull of the Marquis de Sade?

Terrific Colour. Even Amazy was shocked. Reminded me of...

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