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Rivetingly toxic termagant Helen won BIG BROTHER, with her antagonist, babyfaced bitch goddess Ashleigh as her runner-up. Christopher wuz robbed.
I did actually manage to propel my arse to Comiket, at the excellent British Library venue,despite my social and confinement phobias, so pin a rose on me!  The bright open spaces there are much less oppressive than the usual sort of place. I saw a few faces I recognised, and timidly peeped hello. Paul Gravett, as always, was very sweet, and even said that my work had 'almost' made it into the exhibition.
As usual, I was embarrassed by having no money to buy zines, although, of course, I did succumb to a few. It seems mean not to pick up lots of stuff for £2-3 a pop, though, but, y'know, I just can't. It seemed to be going well; busy, but not uncomfortably packed, and I hope everyone had a decent turnover.
Unfortunately, I noticed that the tunic I'd flung on , and hadn't worn in ages, was sliding about, and hanging off me, exposing  a goodly portion of very tired old bra! Jeez Louise.
Yesterday in the park, I was suddenly drenched in a short, but intense shower. I couldn't be arsed to stop,go in, change, etc. as I was halfway through my torture session, so just carried on. Of course, this rather posh soprano from the choir suddenly appeared with her dog...How blazing mental must I have looked? Aw, who cares, anyway?
The sheer strain of venturing into the weekend crowds of humanity shattered me to the extent that I collapsed, and watched...ROCKY V !!!  Heaven help us.


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Congratulations on almost getting your stuff into Comiket! What with that and your upcoming Serbia thing, about which you've been rather modest and retiring, it's great to see your work is getting some recognition (which it richly deserves). Congratulations also on getting yer arse there. I don't have social phobias that go beyond introversion and sheer disinclination, and you go out and do stuff far more than I do, so good for you for toughing it out.

Thanks. It seems absurd to non-sufferers, but just going into an environment like the Comiket utterly exhausts me, much less doing any 'networking'

It certainly doesn't seem absurd to me. It's draining enough just as an introvert.

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