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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Help Meee....
This is just insane. I have an AOL email account, yeah... I'm permanently signed in on my own PC. I need to get a copy of my eticket for Serbia. I have no printer, so I went to the library (several times-) I can't access my account from there. I can't get help from AOL on the phone, because they won't accept my phone number, security questions, etc. I've tried to change my password online, but they won't accept my information there, either. They say I'm not on their records. WTF is this all about?. They don't respond to emails, either.
I rang the travel agency to beg them to send me a copy of the ticket, and they bloody refused. They do everything online, no exceptions. What am I gonna DO?  Why do the most basic things always turn into torture?
Really nice weather again this morning. It makes such a difference. It gets too hot for my taste fairly quickly, but eightish, when I go down to the park, it's fresh and breezy..Mmmm.
Took some more too-big stuff to the charity shop, went to ASDA, and drew a bit. Also watched part of a plodding old series about Shaka Zulu. The most interesting thing is the title character's body. Holy Mother of God! Never seen the like...
Couldn't find a good pic, so this will have to do...When he sits down, his skin doesn't even fold.

Shaka flaunts his astounding abs of steel.


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Usually you can download etickets as pdfs, save it to a stick and take that to the library to print.

Or set up a gmail account and ask the travel agency to email to that account?

If all else fails, maybe screen grab it, save as a jpeg and print that?
Very weird not to be able to download as pdf though.

Edited at 2014-08-11 06:59 pm (UTC)

Dunno how to use a stick, do I? My incompetence is extreme.

Can you enlist R? She must have some use!

R comes to me, when she wants any computer stuff done! She doesn't own a PC.

How fast do you need it? If you forward the email to me ( twing@cix.co.uk ) I can print it and post it to you tomorrow...

If the hotmail address still works, please check it...

Your flight out is the 4th of September, isn't it? I think we've got time to sort this out. If you forward the email to me, I can print it out and post it to you - or bring it around. I can also give you a stick and show you how to use it.

Thanks so much. Terry Wiley had the same idea, and has already posted me a copy, though. Bless you both. I really should learn how to use a stick, too!

I'd glad all is OK. August is really busy for me, but it would be great to meet up once you get back.

That sounds terrible. I'm glad that there are people who commented above me who can help you.

The whole world is computer driven these days. I feel really sorry for people who can't keep up with the technology.

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