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Passport Photo Horror...

Had to take pics for Freedom Pass, outside ASDA, with stroppy bitch- teen waiting outside. (Why, when you need to use those bloody booths, is there always someone else waiting outside when you emerge, although you can pass by thousands of times and no bugger is using the thing?)... They're very high tech these days, and even more depressing. You get three chances to pick a reasonably humanoid version of yourself. This was harrowing, but at least you can avoid the ones with your eyes shut. My head looks like a spacehopper. This grieves me...
There's a terrible film on TV all about St Patrick, with cameos by Susannah York (she used to go to the same vet as moi-) Alan Bates, and various other well-known people.
Today's top subtitle is "AA-II-EE!", which is what eejits say when they bungee jump. God, how I don't fancy that.
Are we at war yet?

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