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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Eternal Summer...
Hoo Boy, the incredibly oppressive humidity! I'm getting really chesty and throaty. Thank heaven it's a bit cloudy. The old boy in the dog park says it's like this in Singapore.
Watched NOAH, which, as expected, was pretty lame. What's with those Watcher things? I don't remember them from the Bible...

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He had the Dancing Chicken at the end of Strozek, didn't he?

When I was back at the Docs on Tues with my breathing problems they said just about everyone who suffers chest/asthma/allergies seems to be suffering this summer.

Like the strip.

MMm, my GP, too. Major suckage.

Strangely enough, the post right above this was called "Fading summer"...here in Montana, summer is already going downwards.

Missed this one somehow.

Singapore's humidity/heat is such that it's unpleasant to spend any time at all outside. They have a network of underground tunnels/arcades in the central bit connecting shopping malls - you can literally walk for miles underground. And you do, because it's so much nicer scuttling around underground in the a/c than walking along the street streaming with sweat. And it's like that every day of the year. Ugh. I do love Singapore, but I couldn't take that on a permanent basis.

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