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Weird, but just as the weather has become slightly more bearable, I woke up late this morning after an incredibly full and detailed anxiety dream that seemed to last all night, feeling quite ill. I think I'd been sleeping with my neck cricked, or something, as I was all dizzy, and aching a lot worse than usual. I was so frelled that I didn't think I'd be able to exercise, but after a short  trip to the shops, I thought I'd have a go. R Next Door was still in the park, but chose to ignore me, not even saying hello. *Sigh* I did manage a slow and lackadaisical workout, which I guess is better than none, and felt slightly less dreadful for it.
Watched WILLOW CREEK, an Indie horror which was supposed to be above average, but it seemed like a million other BLAIR WITCH clones to me. I did rather  like the footage in Humboldt County California, showing locals and Sasquatch  tourist pilgrimage spots; otherwise meh.

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That's a fucking excellent dog.

Thank you so much! It's lovely to get comments.

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