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Going to Hell
In despair about money, plateaued weight loss, and being incapable of getting ready for the exhibition in Pancevo, I used my trusty Silver Screen card to see CAMILLE CLAUDEL 1915,  which, of course, I knew would make me even more depressed. What a heartbreaking tragedy. Paul Claudel; wotta swine. The place was unusually 'packed' for an OAP afternoon; must have been about 25 people. One old boy was glowing with kid-like enthusiasm at the prospect of spending some fantasy time with his big crush, Juliette Binoche (who was excellent-).I'm glad to know I'm not the only old ruin who still has 'urges'.I find myself a bit embarrassed by it at times, it seems so ridiculous. Ah well 'the heart outwears the breast'. _IMG_NEW_0001We ain't doin' no harm..

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Hey, Betty Dodson is well over 80 and she's made a career out of sexuality:

Ha,forgot about her! Wotta cool crone.

Ooh and I was just reading about the Japanese agony uncle who is in his nineties and dishing out sex advice.

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