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Once again, I found myself alone in the park with the alarming, Mr Kaloo. He talks relatively normally, into his phone at times, but mostly it's the marching around spouting aggressive-sounding gibberish. Tourettes, I guess. Really puts me off my stroke,whatever his problem is, and I have to keep looking around to be sure he's not coming up behind me with a machete...
Went to see the long-suffering bank manager again about my hideous financial situation. She's really nice, and I didn't quite cry, but I felt like I'd been run over for the rest of the day, and accomplished nowt. Wibble.
We didn't have any dramatic showers, here, and while it's not as hot. now the air is still so stiflingly heavy. Glug...
I bought a nice little carving of Ganesh in a charity shop. Hope he sees fit to removing some of the obstacles to me living a comfy life...
All the best to those celebrating Eid. I really don't know how you guys manage Ramadan. Not eating for all that time is unpleasant enough, but not even drinking water seems downright dangerous, especially in this weather.I don't know how there aren't fainting Muslims lying swooned all over the pavements every day. Respect.

Latest EASTENDERS 'revelation'...Ha, told youse Nick Cotton Not Ded


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I had an ex-boyf who was Baha'i, and they also do a food/water fast. Not coincidentally, I'm certain, he developed kidney stones.

I'm sure it can't be healthy...for a month, too!
Baha'is are an interesting mystery to me. There was quite a well-known singer at the theatre who was one, and he always seemed a really good sort of person, but I know zilch about them. Must get around to reading a bit.

Argh, logged out again! That was me.

A girl at work was telling me of some of her relies (originally from India, but the exact religion was never specified) giving up all food for (at least!) 2 weeks. It might have been longer than that but I was too gobsmacked to take it in. "They have to be reintroduced to food after the fast really carefully and slowly." NO SHIT!

I do think the 2 day fasting* I try and do does work for my cholesterol, but I still drink fluids all day, and eat 500 super-nutritious calories on my "fast" day, so you're hungry but not starving. No food at all for a week or more sounds dangerous to the body.

* 2 days per week, and definitely NOT with the 2 days next to each other.

Edited at 2014-07-29 06:50 am (UTC)

I do the 2 days together, because it seems like dieting once a week instead of twice, but I don't think that long is a problem - rather the opposite, I'm hoping.

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