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No End To It...
Even early this morning, it felt oppressive. I think I am a very good girl to do my lil' workout despite it all.
I had a voucher to use by Monday, so had breakfast at the new Canadian cafe;  buttermilk pancakes and fruit salad.
About a full day's calories, I suppose, but it's been too hot to eat much,later in the day, and hey, I haven't had real pancakes in years (yes, maple syrup was involved...)
Watched a corny old film, FAME IS THE SPUR (but golly, wasn't Michael Redgrave handsome?) I noticed it was made in the year I was born, and it seemed such a total antique...Actually, though, it probably was considered old-fashioned even back then.
I also watched UNDER THE SKIN, which was fascinatingly weird, and quite creepy (very good use of sound and music-)
It was extremely dark, though, so it was even more difficult to figure out what was going on. I've not read the book, but saw an FB post the other day by someone who had, and really, really hated the film. IMO,though, it was certainly worth seeing.


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I think I am a very good girl to do my lil' workout despite it all.

Christ yes! You must be so fit these days you could fight off the barefoot maniac with one hand tied behind your back.

I wish! Remember, I'm 67 asthmatic, arthritic,still obese and mostly sedentary, etc. He looked like one tough nut, too. Fortunately, it seems he was too lost in the world of kaloo to bother killing anyone.

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