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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Yes, More Heat...
Woke up feeling really crap, with a headache and stomach cramps to add to the list of my owies.I exercised, but cut it a little bit short, as I was sneezing so much and felt so bad.
I stayed out doing errands until about noon, then crumpled up in here, where of course, it's even hotter than downstairs, but at least not so near the grass and other pollen-pumping things.
Dozed through the latest idiotic DA VINCI'S DEMONS DVD ("Die, Medici scum!"...)
On the plus side, I'm not very hungry today.

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Sweat! Five dollars a bag! Sweat! Doesn't kill goldfish instantly!
Sweat! Mix with blood and tears! Sweat! Freeze it for the winter!
Sweat! Got a sweatshirt, with no sweat on it? Sweat! It's wet!
Sweat! Reality Scented Moisturizer! Sweat! Non-Contact Headbutts!

Grr Mew It hurts

:D A bit of rain, here, but it's bringing little relief so far.

I'm memorising a raindance as of now.

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